Friday, January 20, 2006

Timket festival turns violent

Anyone unable to find fault in people who endanger everyone's life by throwing rocks at armed soldiers during a religious procession, as with EPRDF who refuse to use non lethal methods for crowd control, is part of this same cycle of ethnic b.s. (not politics) getting people killed. I'm sick and tired of hearing different people claim moral grounds, more like ethnic grounds. To hope for a better future in Ethiopia is to set oneself up for bitter disappointment, time after time. Ethiopia remains poor and ethnically divided because of who we are.

..."I don't really know what was happening to me. I was shot by the police twice, one on my stomach and one on my throat," Wubishet Solomon, 16, told the AP news agency.

He said he was listening to religious music when the shooting started.

Ethiopia festival turns violent (BBC News) January 20, 2006