Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ethiopia's First Winter Olympian

A little history for those who may be skeptic. In their first winter games (1988), Jamaica's bobsled team was seen as a novelty as they had many technical difficulties, injuries and crashes. In the second games (1992) the team had drastically improved. The 4-man team came in 14th ahead of the US, French, Russian and Italian teams, while in the 2-man event the Jamaican team shocked the world by beating the Swedish national champions and coming in 10th place. No matter where he places at the finish line, Robel is a first for Ethiopia. Ski, Robel, Ski!

PRAGELATO, Italy (Reuters) - With his black skin and long dreadlocks, Robel Teklemariam stands out from the other cross-country skiers at the Turin Olympics.

But next Friday, he will line up alongside them for the men's 15 km classical race to become the first Ethiopian to compete at the Winter Olympic Games.

Ethiopia's Robel with a cause at Turin Olympics (Reuters) Feb 8, 2006