Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meles rejects abuse accusations

...Meles, in an interview with Reuters, scoffed at the Amnesty report as based on second-hand, biased information.

...Amnesty said those detained had reportedly been accused of links with the Oromo Liberation Front, an opposition group fighting for independence in the southwestern region, although none has yet been charged.

Ethiopia's Information Ministry also ridiculed the Amnesty report, saying 86 students had been arrested "in compliance with the laws of our country" for throwing bombs, breaking property and disrupting classes.

"The news disseminated by Amnesty International that thousands of students are detained in Ethiopia is misinforming and incredible," the ministry added in a statement.

..."It's not a fair criticism," Meles said of the reports. "It's this type of sloppy reporting and, coupled with that, the vilification of the government by supporters of the opposition involved in the street action, that has distorted the image of Ethiopia."

Ethiopia's Meles rejects abuse accusations (Reuters) February 1, 2006