Sunday, March 12, 2006

D.C. cab driver

A Washington Post journalist spends a day hopping in and out of D.C. taxi cabs, a profession in which he finds native born drivers far outnumbered by foreign émigrés. The article is similar to a memorable episode produced by PBS called Taxi Dreams, a story of five new immigrant taxi drivers in New York City on the road to the American dream. Not surprisingly, there are those who dislike the changing cultural demographics.

...Alfred "Big Al" Price has driven a cab for close to 29 years. He's not too keen on the foreign-born drivers.

"It used to be Nigeria. Now the Ethiopians done took over. They don't know nothing about this city. All they want to know is 'Airport.' When I got in, you had to know all the precincts, all the hospitals, all the places downtown. You had to know Northwest and Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

"They don't know nothing about Southeast."

Driving Around the World in D.C. (Washington Post) March 10, 2006