Thursday, April 20, 2006

Explosions kill in Jijiga, Gedo

Well, it's one thing to point the finger at the government for explosions in Addis, bastion of support for CUD, but then one has to also explain what the government gains out of explosions in border regions such as Jijiga. Nobody wins from instability in Ethiopia, not even some in the opposition who are calling for a new round of civil unrest (from the safety of Washington, D.C.) knowing full well what will happen. I'll believe a true opposition movement has arrived in Ethiopia once I see opposition leaders walking in the front row of a protest march, much like Latin America, Eastern Europe, or even next door Kenya with their brutal police force. Throwing instructions from ivory towers and waiting for a body count is not leadership. The opposition in Kenya finally won an election when they united under one banner. Meanwhile, Ethiopian opposition groups can't even agree to meet.

That said, I'll be in Jijiga next month...So maybe the pessimism is just nerves talking.

...The explosions in Jijiga, about 700km east of the capital, Addis Ababa, appeared to be coordinated attacks and were set off at the same time, about 7.30pm local time on Saturday, police in the capital said...

Mystery blasts kill six in Ethiopia (Mail & Guardian Online) 20 April, 2006