Monday, August 28, 2006

Fuel prices up 19% in Ethiopia

Wow, again? I was just in Addis last May during an earlier price hike, taxi fares went up immediately the next morning. Not only is there lack of adequate public transport, people now have to manage an extra twenty percent into their monthly transport budget. Even the weather is not accommodating for those who choose to go on foot.

...A litre of benzene would now cost 8.17 birr (about $0.94) from the previous 6.68 birr, diesel would cost 5.44 birr ($0.58) from 4.78 birr and kerosene would cost 4.12 birr ($0.47) up from 3.45 birr. The new prices represent a 19 and 22 percent hike for diesel and benzene from the previous costs.

..."Any one who will use this price adjustment as an excuse to increase price on other goods and items will be punished accordingly," the [trade and industry] ministry warned.

Fuel prices up 19% in Ethiopia (Business in Africa) 28 August, 2006