Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving tragedy

The recent heinous killings in Oakland of three members of the same Eritrean family by their in-laws, now seems caused by an old belief, or madness brought on by grief, that questions the wife's role in the death of her husband. This is especially common when death occurs early in marriage, or with dispute over the deceased's money or property. It's an ugly situation, families brake ties with their son's widow, and children grow up torn between loyalties to two families. In recalling a past lekso in Ethiopia, a mother openly wailed asking her dead son why he had to marry "that woman," while her son's young widow sat grieving in the same room. Grief and inability to accept loss of a loved one can be overwhelming psychologically, and in a society not used to having or seeking grief counseling, people may choose to hold someone accountable for their pain. What took place during Thanksgiving dinner in Oakland, however, defies belief. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and family.

...Police said the brothers, who also live in the apartment complex, were angry at Winta Mehari over the unexplained death of their brother, Abraham Tewolde, 42, who was her husband.

Brothers accused in Thanksgiving slayings could get death (San Francisco Chronicle) November 28, 2006