Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ethiopia's Mister Rogers, sacked

Kefat (hate), pure and simple. Anytime someone seems competent at their job, successful, or God forbid popular, they inevitably fall prey to Kefu (hateful) people who's sole purpose in life is Kefat. A Kefu person seized the opportunity to fire Ababa Tesfaye, Ethiopia's Mister Rogers, even though I can't think of anyone more suited to handle the incident which led to his dismissal. With management like that, no wonder ETV transmits such lousy programming. The twelve story building for that useless institution is an absolute waste. Public funds would be better served turning the building over to the adjacent Black Lion Hospital.

...The grandfatherly Mr. Tesfaye was fired, after a young child on his program uttered a derogatory word for one of Ethiopia's main ethnic groups.

"After serving 41 years, it's a heartbreaking thing," recalls the 84-year-old Tesfaye. "I have told tales during the imperial government, with their censorship, during the military government's censorship, and during the present government. I keep wondering whether there is anything more I should have done [to reprimand the child]."

Freedom of speech suffers in tense Ethiopia (Christian Science Monitor) December 13, 2006