Saturday, March 31, 2007

Islamists mutilate dead Ethiopians

In barbaric scenes reminiscent of U.S. ordeal in Mogadishu chronicled in Black Hawk Down, Somali Islamists yesterday ambushed an Ethiopian troop convoy and dragged bodies of dead Ethiopian soldiers through the streets. Jihadist networks instantly posted videos on the Internet. Missiles also struck an Ethiopian helicopter gunship (click image to enlarge), which managed to struggle back to its airbase but crashed on landing. Two crewmen are reported killed.

Video: Somali Islamists drag bodies of dead Ethiopian soldiers (Warning, scenes are graphic!)

... Analysts said Addis Ababa seemed bent on an all-out push against the insurgents, who have been emboldened by recent strikes including the downing of an airplane serving an African peacekeeping mission, and ambushes killing soldiers.

Helicopter downed in worst Somali fighting in years (Reuters) 31 Mar 2007