Friday, June 22, 2007

Pensioner's plight no better

Last issue (6/17/07) of Addis Fortune had some good articles. In The Woes and Blues of Oldies, you can read about the struggle and shame felt by pensioners forced into retirement at prime age of 55.

...Makonnen thought it was like leaping in the dark and embarrassing to stay home and lay idle the whole day. He would rather wake up early and leave his family behind to wonder what he will be doing all day. At first he believed that he could deceive the neighbourhood into thinking he is still actively working by maintaining the same routine working hours. But the news had spread faster than expected, although his family was unaware of his retirement.

So true is also the article on Separating Business and Friendship.

When you are dealing with work, in either the public or private sector, people that you know have a way of asking favours from you no matter what your position. This is one of the many facets of being Abesha that really gets on my nerves.