Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving tragedy, again

Can it get any worse? Last Thanksgiving, tragedy struck in Oakland when two Eritrean brothers massacred their in-laws. This Thanksgiving weekend, a local Ethiopian in South L.A., Mulushewa Tebedge, brutally murdered his father and sister, dismembered their bodies and dumped them off Freeways in Fresno and Santa Barbara County. Besmam! Such gruesome acts are incomprehensible, even in an emotionally charged habesha culture. While authorities investigate the motive behind this brutal crime, the local community may already have the answer. It seems Mulushewa has long suffered from schizophrenia, making this story all the more tragic. Our hearts and prayers go to this family.

An Ethiopian immigrant has been charged with capital murder in the stabbing deaths of his father and sister, whose bodies were found near freeways in Fresno and Santa Barbara counties.

LA man charged with killing father, sister; bodies found dumped (Associated Press) November 26, 2007
News Video (KABC-TV)